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Internationally Published

Photographer / Video Producer

I am the founder of Cheng Media Inc., a digital marketing agency.  My works have been featured in magazines in Hong Kong, Japan, Europe, US and Canada. Let us work together to tell your story in amazing ways.


I love working with actors and models to help them to create images that represent their unique branding and to produce videos with them that vividly showcase their special skills.


A portrait is not just the capturing the likeness of oneself, but a way to present to the audience who you are in a compelling way.


Actor / Model Portfolio

Nothing but the best for your calling card to help your career to progress and prosper.

Short film, video of a scene or monologue for casting calls and demo reels.

Demo reels

Document your performance for publicity and achieve.

Stage Photograpy

Featured Projects

Click the picture to learn more about each project

Photovogue is the Italian online curated photo magazine by  Vogue.


My low-key black and white portrait was published in the Sept 2022 Hollyway magazine.


My bridal project was selected to be the front cover of 6X Wedding and center spread of Ikon Wedding

6X Wedding

My boudoir set make the front cover of Apr 2023 Le Desir magazine and the editorial of Edith magazine.

Le Desir

Selected Publications

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Pickering, ON. L1W 3V4

Put yourself in the spotlight in our professional studio


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