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Archives of articles published
in the 70's 

I researched, practiced and wrote about photography techniques when I was a teenager as I believe this is the best way to learn.


Only when you have a thorough understanding of the technique you can share it with others. 


My articles were published in various photography magazines in Hong Kong.


My articles covered a wide genre of topics, including portrait photography, exposure control and darkroom techniques including the zone system of Ansel Adams. 

PhotoVogue Feb 2018

Photovogue is an online platform by the infamous Vogue magazine.


This is a curated site and will not display any work that is less than their exacting standards. 

Femme Rebelle Magazine
April 2018

Biz & Fashion Magazine
Aug 2021

Editorial coverage for the Friday Harbour Fashion Collective in partnership with the Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards (CAFA) open-air fashion show.


The show includes collections by Steven Lejambe, Narces, RVNG Couture, Kaela Kay, Christopher Bates, Noize, Bikini Haus and several other emerging brands.

Biz & Fashion Magazine
Oct 2021

Viguor Magazine
Nov 2021

Holloway Magazine
(Tokyo, Japan)
Sept 2022

Edith Mode
Black & White No.322
March 2023

Edith Mode Black & White No.322 cover.png
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